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May 12th, 2014, 06:01 AM
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Hi all! Have a 5 1/2 week old son (my first), and I am breast feeding him. I am currentlyon maternity leave from my day job but I am also self employed and have been back at work with that. As such, LO does need to have a bottle if expressed milk here and there.

This past week he seems to be developing nipple confusion. After a day in which he had to take the bottle several times, he becomes cranky and frantic about breast feeding and this often results in a meltdown and an overtired baby. It is frustrating for all of us

We did have to introduce him to the bottle very early - my milk did not come in for almost the whole first week and he became jaundiced, so we had to supplement formula until my milk supply arrived. Now, I have an ample supply and we deal with a bit over OALD but I think that is being managed just fine. I actually think the bottle is more difficult for him to eat from than the breast. We do use an infant nipple with the bottle.

In 6 weeks I will return to my desk job too and so he will be unfortunately feeding primarily from the bottle. I would like to keep BFing him when I can.

Any suggestions for maintaining the BFing while also having to bottle feed?

Also, I find my LO asks to eat constantly- often right after a feed. Sometimes I wonder if he actually needs something else but only knows the cues for asking to eat? Is this possible? He will often ask to eat and then I'll latch him on but he won't eat. He eats about every 45 minutes, which is really tough on me and I wonder if he's over eating. He was 9.7 at birth, dropped to 8.6 after birth, and up to 11.14 at 5 weeks - a very healthy gain!

Any thoughts?

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