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May 12th, 2014, 07:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Grá Mo Chroí View Post
I'm not really having cravings right now, just more like "oh god, not that!". So ready for the nausea to go away.

This is kind of where I've been all weekend too. But the hunger pangs make me feel sick too...probably worse than anything thus far actually. Ick!

I feel like I need to just eat a bland diet for now, and see if that helps because like others have mentioned...the after taste alone can make me sick. This SUCKS! lol

I've been munching on cucumbers and baby carrots all morning non-stop and I've got some ginger ale, and it's helping but not. I'm still feeling hungry like it's not enough but I'm scared to eat anything. I'm at work and limited as to what I can grab. This is why I'm loving PASTA I think. I have no problem eating pasta w a teeny bit of butter and cheese. lol

grilled chicken sounds great right now, but it'd have to be flavor free. lol

I ate pizza last night cause I LOVE pizza, but the after taste got me again. Can't win!

I'm counting down til the 2nd trimester. lol I really hope these morning (all day) sickness goes away then!

I need to go pick up some of those preggie pop drops. Anyone a fan?
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