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May 12th, 2014, 12:34 PM
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Well, since I'm a doula, I think they are worth the money, LOL!. I do want to have one for this birth. I didn't last time, b/c I thought that since I was a doula, I'd know what I needed to know and wouldn't need one, but that turned out to be a mistake for me. Everything I knew flew out the window when I was in pain and I couldn't think clearly. The birth turned out fine but I had to do a lot of arguing with a really snarky nurse and wish I'd have had someone to help my mind stay clear and on track. DH seemed like a good choice for that role, but it's really unfair to expect him to keep me focused on the things I told him I wanted when I'm in a lot of pain and he feels torn between what I said I wanted and seeing me in distress. Even though it's pain with a purpose and even though it's all normal and perfectly fine. It's just a lot to put on him, a lot to expect him to remember and really, for me, I think I want someone professional for that type of stuff so DH can just be my physical support person and help me cope rather than being responsible for keeping my mind focused and on track.

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