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May 12th, 2014, 07:18 PM
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To even remotely describe my feelings, it is to say that I was told I would never have children. Like every mother out there that has heard those ground shattering words come out of a doctors mouth, I too was distraught with grief. When two weeks ago I went into the emergency room because my cyst had erupted on my ovary. Which I have many. They told me I was pregnant. To my astonishment and my excitement, I was nearly 2 weeks pregnant with an HCG of 80. They kept running me around to different doctors offices, hospitals, and women's centers. For what? I didn't know, my main concern now I was going to be a mom. A great one at that! Come to find out that my HCG's are low. But, they're not lowering they are in fact rising. I am nearly 3 weeks pregnant with an HCG of 268.... All I keep thinking is, can women have healthy babies without normal HCG's? And what can be wrong with my baby if I have low HCG's??? Anyone have any experience with this? (Note: I can't go to the doctors.... Or get checked out.)

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