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September 16th, 2006, 11:10 AM
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I'm going to ask a question or two.. and someone is going to confess.. Now by me asking these questions.. It is an admit on my part that I've done or am guilty of those things.....

Someone then can ask someone else a similar question.. and of course, by asking the question, you admit that you yourself are guilty of saying/doing those things....

(I know this is probably better off in the game section but fun stuff like this belongs on the main board)

Have you ever, while cleaning or otherwise, found an old dirty bottle/sippy cup under the couch? (LOL)

Have you ever gotten into your car in a parking lot, thinking it was your car, and then get angry when you can't figure out why your key doesn't work.. until you realize it's NOT your car and then you get all embarrassed? (lol)

Who's gonna confess?
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