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May 13th, 2014, 08:39 AM
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Something set off my morning sickness this morning (I am normally ok in the morning but bad at night) and the kids were almost late to school b/c mom was puking.

DH had some company training class this morning offsite. Well he got lost b/c he didn't want to listen to his navigation. So he called me and griped at me for 30min while I tried to find the place. I know he was just stressed and worried about being late but still not a nice way to start the day.

Then I had to call and deal with Insurance. Our plan is a straight co-pay plan so I have ONE co-pay billed at the end of my pregnancy. The problem is I have been billed two office visit co-pays at my OB's and have been getting co-pay bills in the mail for labs and sono's, which should all be covered. The insurance people are looking into it and think it is a coding error and that it will all be covered. But I wont know for sure until they get back to me in 5 business day.

And I have my NT scan tomorrow and I am all sorts of freaked out! Not that something will be wrong with baby, well a little, but that the worst will have happened and I didn't know it. I am just so anxious

Thanks for listening to me whine if you made it this far. It has just been a morning!

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