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May 14th, 2014, 06:49 AM
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DH is usually pretty good about limiting stress and lately he has been stellar. But today he really pissed me off.

Every memorial day weekend we go camping in the mountains. Well, it's a hardship but fun because both of us and DS1 LOVE it and the fishing is great. This year however, I told DH I'm not going, because there's too much to deal with having DS2. DH went ballistic on me. He said I'm worrying over nothing and got really pissed off at me.

Someone PLEASE tell me I'm not worrying over nothing. Here's my list:
-Both boys are in the back seat of the truck with two 50 lb beagles that climb all over the place. We have no way of keeping the dogs from climbing all over the baby.
-The location we go camping is notorious for biting bugs. When we go, we come back with dozens of bug bites on our bodies. I don't want to subject my 8 week old to that.
-We will have to take the pack n play, which DS2 has never slept in for the night. I'm afraid that he will sleep poorly and so will everyone else.
-There is no electricity where we are going. I have no way of pumping, which I'm doing in an effort to keep my milk supply up.
-We have livestock that needs to be looked after, including 12 baby chicks.

On top of all this, I won't be having any fun, when I'll spend the entire time worrying about everything and I certainly won't be fishing since I have an 8 week old to take care of.

Am I crazy?
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