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May 15th, 2014, 12:39 PM
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20 weeks! Halfway already!

Still just kind of feeling chubby. I'm assuming I won't really start looking pregnant for another month or two. Boo. In fact, some regular shirts you can't even tell I have a bump.

At any rate we're half cooked and I'm halfway to uncomfortable. Find myself short of breathe, sleeping is starting to get uncomfortable, and my boobs have been killing me the last couple days! I think I'm already building up colostrum and I just know braxton hicks are around the corner in the next month. That's when I started having them with DD anyway.

I'm fighting a head cold and the weather is crappy here. Another week of daycare down and so far everything is going by pretty well. The weeks seem to go faster though. Hope we get some family vacay time this summer.

I've got an appointment Tuesday at 8am so I'm hoping we'll schedule another glance at our little guy and DH can attend. I'll KUP.

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