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May 16th, 2014, 10:43 AM
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My first two loves are girls. I had the normal hormonal problems. Crying at commercials, puppies, kittens, etc. Now, when I got pregnant with my son...that was a whole different hormonal problem. I was mean and evil. Not in a bad way...OK...maybe sometimes. But that was mainly over people being stupid or inconsiderate. I have a low thresh hold in general over that and can exercise my filter pretty well or use my words in a way you haven't realized what I have said to until later is not at all. I once called on my of my directors a complete idiot and he didn't even realize I did so.

My Son= No Filter. Yesterday I was pulling into the convenient store, now mind you there were two open parking spaces, I had puled in and turned on my blinker for the 2nd space about to open up by a car leaving. This Convertible BMW comes flying in from the other side (could have take the completely the open parking space closest to their entrance) and flies into the space I was patiently waiting for. I live in a high tourist area and lets just say I could tell they where tourist and I ripped them a new one. Luckily, I drive a big truck and 6'2", I can be intimidating...they quickly moved their car. Especially since I told them I was going to Monster truck their little BMW with my Excursion since they were acting like inconsiderate fools.

When I was preggers with my son, my ex and my BFF could not wait for me to get him out so I could go back to normal. Did anyone else notice difference in their hormonal changes based on the sex of their baby? I did with my first 3, this time could just be I am older and my thresh hold is much lower now?
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