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May 17th, 2014, 09:17 AM
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oh good, i'm glad it's not just me!

OH has been in bed with the flu since Wedesday night (to be fair to him, he is really ill). today we had a row because i shouldn't be moaning i don't feel well because i "got what i wanted".

i was considering posting this as a separate thread, typing out the conversation we had and ending it with " i hit him over the head with a shovel & buried him in the back garden" but i wasn't sure if the joke would translate into print

...but seriously, if the flu doesn't kill him, i might. in his defence he's a really nice bloke, he just has the crappiest timing in the world because i want to put my feet up & feel smug (and a bit ill) at my great achievement of getting knocked up and he's selfishly got really sick
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