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May 22nd, 2014, 01:02 PM
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I was scheduled to be induced on April 27th at 8pm(39weeks 2days). The week leading up to this i really did not think i would make it, but i was wrong..
I checked in at 8pm did the paperwork and all the admission stuff, got my IV in which was awful and it took 3 tries. Had a cervix check and a ultrasound. The doctors had decided I was well enough dilated(i was 3cm 50% and cervix was super soft) and cervix was pretty ready so we just started with pitocin. I really didnt want pitocin, as i had heard it was horrible.. But we got that going around 11pm with the lowest dose and was increased every 30mins. I attempt to get some sleep but it was impossible with having my blood pressure check every 30mins and nurses coming in and out.. So i watched a movie and labored like that pretty comfortably in till about 3am. I was feeling the contractions pretty strong and having to breath through them. i decided to wake up Corey about 330 for support.. By 4am I was ready for the epidural, so the nurse checked me and I was only 4cm. We got things started with the epidural and things were picking up and the pain was bad. I was completely out of it with pain, im sure i said some pretty crazy stuff. Sitting up and laboring is awful!!! At 502am my epidural was finally done and they layed me down my water broke and Owen was crowning and things got crazy in the room.. I was told to not push which is so hard to do when your body is doing what is naturally suppose to do. A few minutes later and after a lot of yelling it burns it burns, hahaha the doctor was there and I pushed 2 times and Owen was born at 508am, just 6mins after i got the epidural. Needless to say i pretty much had a drug free birth that was totally not planned.

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