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May 22nd, 2014, 02:28 PM
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21 weeks:

This Chaos Called Life: 21 weeks [size of a pomegranate]

Posted some anatomy scan pictures and updates on my blog.

Feeling relatively good and LOVING this warm weather but not so much the allergies. I knew that a stuffy nose was going to come with this pregnancy but I'm still having issues with that right sinus being clogged, clear up into my ear. My hearing has still be affected because of that. Not cool.

Tired today even though we slept in. And not as hungry as normal.

Baby boy is weighing 13oz and has a HB of 151. Growing really well and kicking all the time.

Glad I'll get to see him again in a couple weeks but bummed he didn't cooperate for better photos today. He's nice and snug head down, butt up, and legs tucked.

Until next's graduation weekend for my in-laws so I'll be pretty busy.
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