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May 22nd, 2014, 03:32 PM
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I guess it's a good thing I ended up randomly reading about breastfeeding & such a few days ago, because otherwise I think I would have been a lot more alarmed by randomly starting to leak colostrum. It's not a lot, but I was having some pain in one of my breasts and noticed a little bit of clear fluid when I investigated. It's a very very slow trickle, but definitely there.

Gotta be honest, I am a bit bummed out! I was under the impression this would happen later - ideally WAY later?! Am I really doomed to leak for 5 whole months? I'm going to guess it's got no reason to stop now that it's started, does it?

To be totally honest (TMI), my breasts are one of my favourite erogenous zones and this can be nothing but bad for my sex life. Nobody wants to play with leaky breasts. Ho hum!

Is it normal to get colostrum so early? It doesn't ramp up in volume very quickly, does it? BTDT moms, any insight on what I can expect from here on?
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