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May 23rd, 2014, 11:50 AM
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I am currently 12w2d with twins. I've been showing for quite a while. I am naturally a belly sleeper. I've tried using both a body pillow and a pregnancy pillow. Apparently I'm shoving them out of my way in my sleep (according to DH since I've managed to hit him with them more than once) and I wake up on my belly. This is my 4th pregnancy (youngest will be 14 next month) and I never had that problem in the past. Once my belly started sticking out at all, I never ended up on it and never had to use a body pillow or anything else (until last couple of months and then just a small pillow to support my belly). Anyone have any suggestions or tips on what worked for them??

Also, is there a point where some sort of energy level will begin to return?? I don't remember ever being this exhausted before. Granted, I was 14 years younger (39 currently) and wasn't carrying twins. My oldest has graduation next weekend and my youngest is heavily involved with baseball. I've actually fallen asleep at the ball park in the middle of a game. That's how exhausted I am...all the time!

All of this is a new experience for me so any helpful advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
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