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May 26th, 2014, 09:01 AM
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Originally Posted by oneandonecoming View Post
It's totally me that's the problem. I just don't LOVE any of these. Ellory is completely out he said. So I decided to make my own list last night once Olivia went to bed. I looked through SO many, my list consists of 0 names. I just can NOT find any that I completely love. None!
I'm sorry your husband has vetoed your favourite name My husband gave me a big no on Summer at first, too, but luckily he came around to it over a month or so. Now I'm just trying to get him to agree to my middle name of choice but that might be harder because it's a bit unusual.

Anyway, you sound like me with boys' names. There are a couple I don't completely hate but I don't love any of them like I loved Trent, which we can't use anymore. Since that's off the table I'm totally lost. (I'm probably thinking about all this too much since I don't even know baby's gender yet, LOL) We are going to have a real rough time with a name if it's a boy.

I hope you guys can agree on something soon!
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