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May 27th, 2014, 10:04 AM
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congratz to u yoo theresako ^^
fatthippo is right.. gum bleeding during pregnancy is real common..
but this common prob cant b overlooked..
as if it left untreated may lead to a more serious prob that we call periodontitis that will weakens the tissue and bone that keep ur teeth anchored in your jaw.
the pockets btween ur gums and ur teeth will thn getting bigger, until ur teeth start to loosen and one or more tooth falls out
but dun too worry bout tis as tis level of damage only happens if the disease is left to get to an advanced stage.
u can limit the damage and prevent periodontitis frm getting worse by keeping ur teeth and gums clean..
even though it makes ur gums bleed, brushing regularly will actually help..
so a softer toothbrush tat specially designed for pregnant women is really help at here..
rmb, try not to rinse after brushing, as this will reduce the desensitising effect of the toothpaste and dun 4get to brush btween ur teeth.
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