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June 2nd, 2014, 05:31 PM
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I slept in bed with my mom until I was in like 9 LOL Actually I got kicked out when she got married, but then I would sleep in her bed in the mornings after my dad left for work. I grew out of it eventually. That said, there's also nothing wrong with encouraging (without pushing) your child to sleep in his own bed. We did this by sleeping in THEIR bed with them until they fell asleep, then leaving once they were asleep. then when that got good, leaving when they were almost asleep, then half asleep, then fully awake, etc. It was a nice transition for them, and they knew if they woke up I would always come to them or they could come to me. My younger two (6 and 7) still comes to me rarely. My oldest (8) never does.
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