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June 3rd, 2014, 06:33 AM
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DF finally told his parents that I'm pregnant a couple days ago. They actually reacted really well. At first they just said they were "excited but worried [I won't finish university]" then an hour later his mom said she was really excited to have a grandbaby.

She just asked me questions like how I was feeling, how far along I was. She was quite surprised I was 20 weeks and said you can't tell at all by looking at me. I told her it was a boy and she said "I always wanted boys, I didn't want a girl at all" (she has two boys). So she's happy it's a boy. I thought she'd prefer a girl since she had two boys. There is only one other kid on their whole side of the family and it's a girl, so this is the first boy. She wants to throw a baby shower so I'll be having two (one with each side of the family). She surprisingly asked if we're using cloth or disposables and was amazed that cloth doesn't have pins anymore. And she said she can't help but look at all the baby stuff in stores now. She's already looking at stuff to have at their place for when we bring him over.

His mom won't let me clean the cat boxes and insists she is coming over every morning when we move to clean them. She doesn't want me to play with the dog because "he pulls too hard". She doesn't want the dog to jump on me (neither do I). We have pet rats and she doesn't think they should be in the same room as me. She keeps trying to feed me insane amounts of food. She keeps asking if I want her to buy me anything special. It's kind of cute. I know a lot of people would hate that, but my mom passed away when I was 2 so I've never really had a mom/someone act like that. It's nice.

So phew So much stress gone about how they would react. And since she's excited I finally have someone to share my excitement.
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