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June 3rd, 2014, 07:13 AM
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Wow, I'm amazed you got to 20 weeks while living with them without them noticing! You must have a tiny frame

I'm glad it went so well and that your future MIL is being so good to you this time. Nobody needs the stress of judgemental friends/family added to a pregnancy. It must be a relief to have that out of the way
It kind of makes me happy that he waited so long. At 20 weeks there is no way she'd say to have an abortion. And when DF told her he pretty much said straight up that I was pregnant and we were having the baby. She didn't say one word about why we're keeping it or anything, so relieving. DF told her while they were away for the weekend and she said she wanted to talk to me when they got home. I cried the whole day because I thought she was going to be rude, now I feel silly for that because she reacted so well.

I'm pretty surprised they didn't notice. I guess to people who don't really know my body I just look like I gained a bit of weight. DF can definitely tell and thinks I'm huge lol. I pretty much live in pj's and sweaters at home, so it is harder to tell sometimes. But if I'm in yoga pants and a tank top/t-shirt, it's quite noticeable I thought. All my pants still fit, but are getting snug so I guess I just feel huge.
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