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June 3rd, 2014, 11:50 AM
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Please help! What are some beautiful, timeless and unique baby girl names that start with "K"? As a middle name we want to incorporate both our deceased grandmother's name. My DH's Grandmom was Rose (short for Rosemary) and my Grandmom's name was Anna (or just Ann). I really dislike the name RoseAnn so that's out as a middle name. We kinda need help with the middle name as well using a combination of our grandmom's.

First name would start with K and middle name would be AnnaRose or Rose or MarAnn, etc.

Some ideas of mine were:
Kaia AnnaRose
Kaylee Rose
Kylie Rose(Anna?)
Kalista AnnaRose or Rose

Any thoughts on unique and beautiful K names? Thank you so much!
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