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June 3rd, 2014, 12:16 PM
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Pamela - I think I must have missed your original post about what is going on with your business (sorry), but it sounds like your landlord is being unreasonable (to put it nicely). Are you in a lease? Although even if you aren't in one, they legally can't just lock you out of the building without going through the eviction process. I'm glad you have friends that can help you through this mess. And yes, definitely retain a lawyer if necessary.

AFM - the consult went well. I told DH on the way there that I was glad he decided to go with. He said that TTC is important to him too, so he decided he should go. I did leave there feeling hopeful, and they addressed all the concerns I have. They want me to call to schedule tests when AF starts later this month (and if she doesn't show by CD 35 they will will give me meds to kick start it if I have a BFN). With my luck she's going to show up while DH & are on on vacation (out of state). Per FF prediction AF is due the Friday of the week we'll be gone, but with irregular cycles - who knows. I'm hoping that if I don't get my BFP this cycle AF will hold off until the Monday after we get back, otherwise we wait for the next cycle. My jaw just about hit the floor when they showed us the cost of all the tests though. My first thought was "OK, guess that's the end of the RE since there is no way DH is going to agree to this." He surprised me by looking at the finance lady and asking "you guys take plastic, right?" We talked about it in the car afterward and he said that he's OK paying that much to find out what is going on & why we haven't gotten pregnant yet.

I do have to vent about the financial aspect of this though. I'm not sure if REs in other areas are this expensive, or if this place is just taking advantage of the fact that they are the only REs in our area. I had assumed the consult was going to cost about the same as a normal doctor visit, up until I got the paperwork in the mail a couple weeks ago that said the consult was a little over $400 (can't remember the exact amount). So then I figured they must do some test of some sort at the consult if they're charging about twice as much as a regular doctor visit. But no, it was just an hour of talking to the nurse, then the doctor, then the nurse again, then the finance lady, then the nurse one last time (to answer any last questions we might have), and that was it. And the cost of the tests they want to do.... All in all it's around $3000 - $4000. The finance lady is checking with my insurance to see if they will cover any of it. Thankfully, there is one test they want to run that won't cost us anything. They recently signed a contract with a genetic testing lab, and part of their agreement with this lab is that any part of the test that isn't paid for by insurance will be written off by the lab for the first 18 months of their contract. This test will be to find out if there is any genetic history of any potential disorders or complications (the nurse used cystic fibrosis as an example).
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