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June 3rd, 2014, 03:04 PM
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It's such a huge relief. I've been so much happier and more relaxed the last couple days. I've just been walking around smiling because I'm so excited and just want to talk about it with her. I feel so excited for him now, way more than I was before. I feel like I can't find anything to distract myself so I just walk around being a bit hyper lol. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.

I'm hoping I start showing more soon. I like being smaller but want a belly too. But I do like friends/family telling me I'm so small lol. It feels good, especially after I cried (oh hormones...) when the scale said I gained 8 pounds (I was bloated, it's actually 5ish).

Oh and she gave me a bunch of dresses that don't fit her anymore (we're the same height, she just has bigger boobs so they were too tight) which is amazing. I have about 20 now so that's what I'll wear most of the time this summer. She also gave me some loose shirts that are a size up from what I usually wear so they'll fit great too. Right now I'm living in pjs, yoga pants and using the hairband trick for my jeans. I can still get into jeans, but they are starting to hurt after a while.
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