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June 4th, 2014, 03:27 PM
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Sorry but it's long...

So as I had mentioned before I had been worried about my blood pressure & swelling. I was having high blood pressure readings all day Thursday and after I ate dinner it was 130ish/102 so off to triage we went. I had this weird feeling so I insisted DH let me bring my diaper bag and he made me stop when I tried to find socks for baby saying I still had a few weeks left.

Got into triage around 6:30 and after about two minutes the nurse said I was their priority patient, turned off the lights, made me lay back, and informed me I was most likely being induced tonight. What led to that? BP of 163/102. Sure enough by 8:00pm I was hooked up to monitors and taking my first dose of cytotec to ripen the cervix.

So began my 39 hour laboring process. 39 hours with no real food except the two times the doctor let me order jello, juice, & broth.

Cytotec on its own wasn't opening me up so then they gave me a catheter balloon thing up the cervix which was filled with water to force the cervix to start expanding. I was warned it would take around 3 hours to work and get me to a 3 or 4 for it to fall out. Instead after less than an hour when I used the restroom it plopped out too which felt so amazing afterwards.

I got another dose of cytotec and more waiting...I started to fall asleep for the night when suddenly a huge gush came. I remember screaming "OH MY GOD IT'S WET! OH MY GOD" and scared the crap out of my sleeping husband. I now know what people mean when they say there is no doubt about knowing when your water breaks. I was happy my body at least allowed this to happen on its own. It was now time for pitocen so I requested an Epidural. I had managed 27 hours without.

The epidural was pretty miserable at first and I was thankful they sent my husband out. The numbing agent didn't work well on me so it took 4 tries before I couldn't feel the needle stabbing into my back. Once it was in though it was wonderful.

By the next morning we started having some "anomalies" on baby's vitals. He had spent the last 32 hours kicking the sensor off my belly, and moving like crazy. Now he was becoming lethargic and his heart rate was weaker. They had to put me in very specific positions to make him happy.

By 10:30 it was push time. I was told the midwife would be in when it he was closer. DH got put on leg duty, and SIL was put on facetime duty to allow my mom to be there since she was home in New Mexico. MIL was on camera duty for after. After 2 rounds of pushing the nurse started adjusting my positions again saying baby wasn't happy.

Next thing I know the doctor is coming in and not the midwife which meant there was a complication. I was quickly informed we would have to do a vacuum assisted birth because every time I pushed baby's heart rate was dropping way down and we needed to hurry it. He was also posterior. As I started pushing again the entire NICU team came in which made me anxious so when they said push harder than I felt possible I did.

At 10:59am on 5/31 James Jordan (JJ) took his first breath. I didn't get to hold him but they kept him in my eye sight as they did all his vitals and I sent DH to hold his hand. They had to clear his lungs but once they did he started crying and I started crying and I think we were all crying. The umbilical cord had been lightly wrapped around his neck but had been constricting each time I pushed. I ended up with an episiotomy (stitches) and a tear near the urethra (no stitches).

He was 6 lbs 7oz and 20.2" long and absolutely adorable. As soon as he was on my chest he looked up at me and I knew he recognized me. The NICU team determined he was allowed to stay with me which was the biggest relief.

I am so in love with this child.

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