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June 4th, 2014, 06:13 PM
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Originally Posted by ~*Bethy*~ View Post
My dogs are small enough to walk through the bottom part

Like Amy said, try not to be frustrated with them - just put your foot down and tell them that having a baby does not mean you need to abandon your pets. I wore a mask and gloves when I cleaned our litter box when I was pregnant with Ian - and he turned out normal
The dog that we bought it for is a large breed (rough collie) and 50lbs, HE can squeeze through that small door lol. It failed for him.

It's kind of funny, they believe all these weird things but don't think there is anything wrong with a used car seat. I said we have to buy that new and explained why but MIL still thinks used is fine. She also thinks babies have to have a bassinet because cribs are too big? I don't know where that came from!
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