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June 4th, 2014, 06:36 PM
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Originally Posted by topato View Post
basically, i ate a light dinner on a sunday-- one blueberry bagel, because i was sick as a dog. i went into labor later that night, and gave birth at nearly 8pm on a tuesday, without eating or drinking anything in the interim. all they'd allow me at the hospital was ice chips.

harvey's nurse took him to nicu right after he was born. meanwhile, i was stuck in bed with an iv pumping me full of antibiotics (**i** was the sick one, not harvey!), and no one was sure if i would be allowed to see him at all. so, we had nothing better to do-- MY nurse immediately handed me a menu.

i ordered chicken parm, and i basically inhaled it. i probably would have stabbed someone with my fork had they tried to touch my tray. it was probably awful, but at the time, i was convinced it was the best food i'd ever eaten.

I always have dh sneak light foods in like yogurt, etc.

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