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June 5th, 2014, 09:07 AM
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You're lucky you got to sleep on your tummy so long! The whole first tri I had to avoid it because my boobs hurt so bad, and by the time they stopped hurting, it was uncomfortable to be on my tummy. So I'm relegated to side sleeping. I've read about back sleeping (they say you should stop after the first tri) because it collapses the vessel that goes to the placenta and can cut off blood supply, which increases the likelihood of a stillbirth. I would definitely check with your doc if they think you're ok to continue with back sleeping - maybe it differs based on pregnancy, your body size, etc? Body pillows are my best friend these days - try one out to see if it helps you now! If you stick with back-sleeping, you can always lay on top of the body pillow but prop it up at the head and mid to upper back level, that way you aren't laying flat but you still get relief.

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