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And tomorrow is my appointment with my OB.

For the anatomy scan: part 2, we needed to have her spine measured, because at the first scan, they couldn't get any because she would not straighten out. Well this time, I drank a little red bull before I went in, to make sure she'd be in a good position. They got me back right away, just as she was waking up. I got to see a yawn, and she stretched. Thank goodness the tech caught that and snapped the pic of her spine then She kept drinking, and then she pulled her legs back up over her head. So she is now somewhere between frank breech, and transverse. She is mostly bum down, but on a diagonal. She moved a lot though! Her heart rate was 152 bpm. Overall, everything seemed fantastic, but I will probably get the full report back in a couple days.

I'll update you guys on my appointment tomorrow after that's over too

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