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June 6th, 2014, 11:16 AM
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That's a tough choice. Can you talk to your SO and see what he thinks about you finding out the gender but not him? I think that is the best compromise. It's your choice just as much as it is his, so neither of you should be forced either way. I'll be honest, if I were in your shoes I'd find out and if my DF didn't want to know I wouldn't tell him. But I wouldn't lie to him and tell him I didn't find out the gender.

Don't worry about being disappointed about the gender. If you are disappointed, that is completely normal and there is nothing wrong with it. I was dead sure that I wanted a girl and did not want a boy at all when I heard "there is the scrotum and penis" nothing really went through my head. I was a bit surprised that it was a boy, but seeing him was so amazing. After the u/s I was so happy and could have cared less. But, when we got home I'll admit that I was pretty upset for a few hours. Then that feeling went away and now I couldn't be happier about having a boy. I'm so excited to be having a boy.
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