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Thank you guys!

My OB today was less than fabulous. He's still mad that I am seeing a midwife. And he's still trying to scare me into staying with the hospital. They didn't get the best view of her spine after all, apparently. She was "too close to the uterine wall". So he is saying "oh there's still a possibility she might have spina bifida." Even though we had the blood test to check for sb and it was all normal. He said the normal range for fluid levels is 5-25, and my fluid is measuring at 9, so he says it's low. He wants me to come in and have ultrasounds every week after 32 weeks to "monitor this." Then in the same breath, he is telling me that I can't see both the OB and the midwife. I have to choose one or the other. Gee, if you were really concerned wouldn't you want to monitor me and baby, instead of running us off? I really genuinely do despise him. So I have to talk to my midwife and see if she's okay with me just seeing her from now on. It's ridiculous that I have had every test he's ordered, and everything keeps coming back that EVERYTHING is fine, and yet he's still countering with "oh something might still be wrong." *facepalm*

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