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June 8th, 2014, 08:32 AM
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Sounds like you may be in pre-labor to me, which could last hours, days, or weeks :-(. Get a contraction timer app and see if your pain is timeable or not... that's probably the real test as far as when to go to the hospital. My experience with "real" contractions has been that they involve so much of the abdomen that they're impossible to walk through, not necessarily because of pain, but because my legs don't want to move the way I tell them to. However, the slow dilation process before labor starts for me involves a lot of cramps, mucus, back pain, etc. With my first kiddo, I had excruciatingly painful contractions every 5 minutes for something like 36 hours before they would even take me at the hospital. The second time, I walked into the hospital for an induction and was apparently already in labor without even knowing it, so I guess it's different every time. I'd say try the hospital if you're having cramps every 5 minutes or less for an hour. This time, because I have slow labors, my doc told me to come in once I had contractions every three minutes for at least three hours. Yikes!

Sorry for the rambling, and hope that helps!

-Gypsy (due 6/21)
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