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June 9th, 2014, 02:17 PM
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YES!!! I soooo knew. I am a FTM as well as I remember asking at every appt how would I know if I was in labor and the doctors kept telling "you'll know" and I would be annoyed because I thought that answer was a cop-out. But I really did know!

At 35+5 I went to l&d because I was having very regular braxton hicks (didn't know for sure if they were braxton hicks or not) and I was 3cm then. I spent the next couple weeks paranoid I was going to be in labor and not know it.

At 38+3 I lost part of my mucus plug and the next day I went into labor. One strange thing I noticed is that the morning I lost my mucus plug and all that day, the braxton hicks contractions strangely had disappeared. I was feeling "the calm before the storm" lol because on the day I went into labor I woke up around 4:30 am feeling PAIN!!! It was a whole new type of contraction, it was nothing like the braxton hicks I had been feeling. The whole time before I went into labor, I had thought some of my BH *might* have been real contractions, but that was only until I felt real labor contractions. Long story short I thought I wouldn't know what real labor contractions felt like and I did. They felt kind of like... productive, or urgent if that made sense... like I felt not only a contraction but like other things were shifting around in there to push the baby out... when I got to 6cm I could have sworn I was crowning lol.
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