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June 9th, 2014, 07:03 PM
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I am hanging in there. My Hyperemesis is still alive and strong constantly dehydrating me, causing malnutrition, complicating my diabetes, and requiring hospital care. Throughout this journey I have been hospitalized at:

11 weeks (5days)
12 weeks (10 days)
17 weeks (not hospitalized but in ER for 8 hrs. getting fluids and IV meds)
18.5 weeks (not hospitalized but in ER for 8 hrs. getting fluids and IVmeds)
19 week (5 days)

I now know most all of the AM/PM/ and Per Diem nurses on the antepartum/postpartum floor of my hospital. When I am hospitalized I get very lonely and yearn for visitors. My husband tries to come by every other day, but works and has our 4 year old son to look after at home. My mother is disabled, most my friends and family work 9-5, and the nurses leave me alone alot. I don’t have a small laptop, iPad, smartphone, etc. so the days drag on and on. The last time I was hospitalized I was so depressed I did not get out of bed once to walk around the floor, read a magazine, or even turn on the hospital room TV. I literally just sat and stared at the wall crying off and on.

This has been quite taxing and emotionally draining. Since my eleven weeks discharge, I have been on the Zofran pump. It is similar to a diabetes Insulin pump and uses asmall sub-q catheter that I have to take out and change (rotating around my abdomen) daily. The catheters sites are often very itchy (side effects of the Zofran injection) and sometimes flare up and get irritated. My stomach looks like a battle zone of land mines. One site even got so badly infected it had to be lanced open and then treated with antibiotics. I won’t go into details, but the infection was painful and incredibly nasty when it finally drained. These days, the catheter is getting progressively more difficult to inject into my abdomen since there is less belly fat and tissue and much more of a hard baby bump. Therefore, injecting the catheter can be painful and I often have to numb an area first with ice.

As far as constipation from the Zofran, I have really had none. I go about every other day and never feel bloated, crampy etc… so I have been fortunate in that department.

The irony is, this pump only works about half the time. For the most part I still have a lot of nausea and fair amount of vomiting (mostly acid). I have nauseated “trigger periods” like clockwork every day from 7:30 AM-10:30 AM and 6:30PM-9:30 PM. During these times I cannot eat, drink fluids, or move very well. I am usually lying down on the couch or vomiting and pretty much hating life.

In addition to the pump, I am also on Prilosec OTC, B6, Prenatal gummies,and occasionally Ativan. The Ativan (2 milligrams) is used usually about 1-2 aweek in extreme situations. My doctor has told me to use it if I have vomited more than 3x daily and need it to give my poor body a rest, get some fluids down,and possibly some small bites of food and sleep.

I have lost a total of 18 lbs. throughout this pregnancy. I am currently now only 5lbs. heavier than I was right before I got pregnant.

This Hyperemesis has really taken a toll on my emotionally and mentally. I am always anxious and have suffered from depression each time I am hospitalized.Moreover, I live in constant fear that I will have to go back into a hospital. Aside from fear of hospitalizations, I also worry a lot about rupturing, my water breaking, and the premature deterioration of my placenta due to my diabetes.

My OB has told me that I am a “brittle” patient and has advised me not to have any more children. She is recommending a tubectomy following delivery. She has also stated she will be taking the baby at 38 weeks by induction, but is presuming she may very well come sooner on her own because of my health problems and the fact that my son came prematurely at 35 weeks. There has been no talk yet of placing me on steroids sometime soon to help try and prevent premature contractions and labor.

I am trying to remain calm, optimistic, and joyful about being pregnant but it is so hard. I just can’t wait until my darling daughter is here safe and sound and I can put this all behind me and focus on the joy of my family. 15 weeks to go!

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