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June 10th, 2014, 10:52 PM
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Just wanted to say I really mjiss this group!!! A lot has changed in the past year for me, and i miss the support of good friendly mommas! My husband left my daughter and I last July so I would love some encouragement and good ju ju or prayers as we're getting ready to do through a divorce. He's only seen my baby girl for about 6 hours since he left and that was because I took her to see him for a little while but he just filed for full custody. I'm a little bit scared. I have had my baby girl with me since day one and I cant bear to think that he might have her. Im scared of her not coming back for whatever reason too. So any prayers would be greatly appreciated. And any advice on relaxation techniques might be helpful as well... Thanks ladies...I hope your stories are happier than mine and that your babies are all growing big and strong!
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