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June 11th, 2014, 08:57 PM
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Don't worry, your kids will know who was there essentially all the time and who really took care of them.

Just 2 days ago, my stepson, whom we have full time, and he does not see his biological mother, told us that he remembers when his mom wouldn't let him spend Christmas with his dad, and how could she not realize that she was hurting him, (my stepson) when she did that? Kids are smart, kids are resilient.

The only thing I want to stress is make sure you don't bad talk their dad in front of them. They probably think the world of him because in the short, compacted time he has them, they probably don't get disciplined, and probably get whatever they want. You bad talking him to them is only going to put them on the defense. (Not saying you do that, just my two cents.)

Hugs- It's tough being the one that has to do all the day to day stuff and discipline and whatnot, and then have someone come swoop in and practically spoil them. It'll get easier.
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