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June 12th, 2014, 11:23 PM
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My kids like to stay breech right up until the very end. #4 even flipped overnight when they put me in to induce me with her. When they were ready to start the induction at night, they realized she was breech. So, they were going to attempt a version before re-starting in the morning, and by that point, she had flipped again.

Anyhow, yes, I did this with #5. I do think it worked. I was scheduled for a version with him at like 39 weeks, and when I went in for it, he had flipped to head-down. I did the hands and knees, and the inverted on the couch.

All of the positions are available on the website for free so definitely don't pay for it!! It will take some looking it over, and I felt ridiculous doing it, but since baby flipped, I figure it was worth the silliness I felt.
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