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June 15th, 2014, 12:40 AM
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You mean he sat there, with lawyers, and said he DOESN'T want his daughter? What a real great dad I know how you feel, BM doesn't pay CS (okay sorry, LATELY she has been paying a 3rd of what she has to, and it doesn't even cover DSS tutoring little own anything else, but anyway). When she gets them, she only has her 2 kids not 6, and she has the money and the time to take them to exciting places, buy them everything they want etc. While we do all the boring, day to day, feeding them, clothing them, paying school fees, running them to football practices and games. Mummy buys me whatever we want.. gah.

My ex liked to show up with toys as if that made up for his crappy parenting too. However, my DSD is a teenager and she has said to me that she appreciates all her father and I do. She gets it, and I know DSS will too when hes older.

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