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June 16th, 2014, 05:39 AM
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Originally Posted by disneydiva76 View Post
Really depressed about having this baby. I see others having baby showers and we won't get one. Zero help. Not prepared and now that we moved across country..I don't even have extra $ to buy recieving blankets let alone a car seat. To top it off none of our family will come be here when we have her. So hubby will have to drop me off to have my c section and I get to be alone the entire week.
Just doesn't seem fair.
That isnt fair! How can you get some help? Have checked all the services in your new area for assistance? Anything to help you save some cash right now? Your new OB may have some suggestions too. This wont work for a car seat but try Freecycle for some baby cloths and blankets and stuff. If you start hawking it now you should get some good stuff in the next few months. I cant believe your DH cant be there. What a bummer. ((( (((hugs)))))

For me - pregnancy is all right - getting to that point of discomfort for sure. School is out - DS went to his father's for the summer which is always hard. I miss him already. But I know that when he gets back we will be very close to having the baby, so maybe that will make the time go by faster.
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