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June 16th, 2014, 08:41 AM
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I cannot believe we are hitting the middle of June! My kids are now out of school for the summer and I have next week off with them before I go back for my summer term.

Pregnancy wise feeling good. 25 +3 weeks along looking forward to "tagging" the "double digit" thread in just a few days!!! woohoo!!! Baby girl is getting quite solid at those big punches - both high and low ones. Feeling pretty pregnant at this point and can feel that I am slowing down just a bit and require more rest during the day.

How are everyone else doing?
Most days I'm feeling great! I'm at 3 weeks on the gestational diabetes diet. I really think that is what is helping me feel so good. I had a couple days this weekend where I wasn't able to stick to plan as well and I felt awful. My only struggle is that I'm having a hard time coming up with foods that have enough protein but that I want to eat, especially for breakfast. I have a check up with OB today. Time is flying!! We've still got to do a lot to move around rooms and we haven't even started getting baby stuff yet. Got to get busy!!! Anna Joy will be here in exactly 13 weeks (as long as I go to my scheduled c-section date).

Originally Posted by disneydiva76 View Post
Really depressed about having this baby. I see others having baby showers and we won't get one. Zero help. Not prepared and now that we moved across country..I don't even have extra $ to buy recieving blankets let alone a car seat. To top it off none of our family will come be here when we have her. So hubby will have to drop me off to have my c section and I get to be alone the entire week.
Just doesn't seem fair.

I'm sorry! That really stinks! Hopefully things will begin to look up for you!
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