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June 16th, 2014, 12:30 PM
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Yep, that would be me, indefinitely... Yuck.

It all started Friday with some light spotting, cramping and a boat load of pressure in my lower abdomen. A quick trip to emerg and I was out of there with antibiotics for a bladder infection. I also got a quick peek at the little one and a super fun internal exam where they confirmed my cervix was still closed and "looking good". Thanks Doc. They sent the urine to be cultured and told me to start the antibiotic anyway since the dip stick test lit up like a Christmas tree, and if nothing came back they would call me at home to let me know so that I could stop taking the antibiotic. I didn't hear from them, so I assumed it was the bladder infection and continued to take the pills. I would have gone to my regular doctor, but they aren't open Thursday or Friday.

All weekend I still felt yucky and not well, which is strange because normally after a couple of days on antibiotics you start to feel somewhat normal again.

I have the day off work today and was getting ready to take my stepson to the bus when I ran to the washroom quickly and noticed small blood clots. I called my doctors office as soon as I got home and they told me to come in right away. Another urine test (this one clean this time), another internal (cervix still closed and firm), and we were able to detect the babies heartbeat. She sent me home to rest while she tried to get hold of the specialist clinic. She also confirmed with the ER that my urine test culture had not come back with an infection (thanks for the call). Anyway, this afternoon she called and said she hadn't been able to get hold of my specialist, I think he might be on vacation in hindsight, I remember him talking about that last time, but she had talked to a colleague who specializes in pre-natal care and she recommended taking it easy. So yeah... Bed rest, but thankfully not strict rest. They're worried it may be the previa. I see my new OB tomorrow so I'll mention it there as well.

Trying not to worry about it, but holy carp... Being pregnant is nothing but a bunch of worries it seems. lol At least once this baby is born I can move my worrying somewhere else. I think I'll be one of those mothers standing over the crib with a mirror, making sure baby is breathing. Then I might invest in a bubble, to avoid scrapes and bruises. Oy...
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