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June 16th, 2014, 01:25 PM
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Originally Posted by AnniePixie View Post
I'm so sorry! Everyone needs help. Can you qualify for state assistance? I know where I am, if you qualify, they help pay for a carseat, some diapers and medical costs. There's also WIC, where you can get food and stuff too. I hope someone can be with you for the birth. Can your husband be with you during it? I know some jobs give paternity time too. Hang in there! Hope things get better asap.
Ty everyone! It's nice to have an outlet. Of other moms that understand and don't put you down for feeling different.

We don't qualify for assistance bc hubby works. One of those it looks good on paper but it's not what he takes home. I asked my mom if she will create a Fb online event baby shower and see if anyone helps us.
Hubby can take time off of problem. The only thing is we don't have family here since we just moved from CA to NC. And our moms make every excuse why they can't fly out when initially they both were planning on it. We have 3 other kids so with no help he's left to stay home with them when I give birth

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