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June 16th, 2014, 08:41 PM
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I am SO over my kids stalling at bedtime! My oldest daughters bedtime is at 9 so that I can get a little bit of time to myself after they are all down before going to bed myself. It's not 9:40 and I just laid her down AGAIN! First it's I need a drink of water. Then it's I need 592834509382 hugs and kisses or I can't sleep. AND then it's I need to go potty even though I beg and beg for them to use the potty first and have fits thrown at me over it insisting that they don't need to go. I am so tired and exhausted and just want to sit down and watch ONE episode of something on Netflix without anyone making demands on me before I end my own day. Well, gotta run. Another %^*#Q#$ kid just came out. I want to cry.
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