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June 17th, 2014, 03:26 AM
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Lucy, the ER doctor that did the ultrasound had less than fantastic bedside manner. She just looked long enough to check the heartbeat (actually in her words "Let's make sure there's a live baby in there") and didn't look at anything else. Even after I had mentioned that at my last ultrasound the placenta was resting on the cervix... My own doctor is much more helpful, but she doesn't have an ultrasound machine at her office. I was OK with just hearing the heartbeat there though. I'm hoping today may bring more answers. I'm off to my doctor's office first thing this morning and then later my first appointment with the OB and in the meantime I'm waiting for the specialist to call. In between all this, after I run to work and drop off my doctor note I guess I'll rest!
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