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June 17th, 2014, 02:58 PM
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You could add anything starchy to thin fruits to make them thicker. Say add banana to watermelon, for example, or even strain out some of the liquid from watermelon to save out the thicker bits. Then use the liquid in a sippy cup maybe? Or use the liquid to thin out the thicker stuff like potatoes and such?
As for the oatmeal, what I do is blend the dry oats before I cook them, so that I have a bunch of powdered/fine oats, and then I can store them that way. Then I do the lazy way of cooking and just put some in a bowl with some water and microwave it for a couple minutes. You could cook ahead though, and then blend it and freeze it, if that is easier for you.
You could probably very easily do the same with grains of rice---blend the dry rice until it's fine, then cook as whenever you want. Any grain, in fact. If you wanted to add more variety with the grains, you could easily add ground flax seed, or buckwheat, cornmeal or any other grain. You could make a multigrain cereal that way. Also, Bob's Red Mill is a great brand to look for if you want something a little simpler--they have good quality grains that are stone ground.

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