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June 17th, 2014, 03:09 PM
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Hi everyone. Well this morning there was a little more brown when I first got up to get my day started. As the day has progressed it went away. I was having some stomach cramping but I realized it may have been gas due to my jalapeno burger for lunch and then my chilli cheese fries later that day. I took a Gas X and that went away so no cramping I guess. Took a test last night and this morning and the line is still dark so I am hoping things are ok. I'm sure it can't be a coincidence that I spotted on the very day I was suppose to start my cycle. I will wait it out the rest of the week and mention it to my doc Monday. It's going to be such a tough day for me anyway. It would have been my little brothers 23rd birthday but he was killed April 29th of this year. I am hoping I can get some good news about the baby at least and bring some joy to my day. My doc will likely take a quick peek on the ultrasound just to make sure things look alright. If she can see anything, I will only be 5 weeks. But so far so good guys....

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