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June 17th, 2014, 08:57 PM
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Leia luckily I've known 2 of the kids forever so it's easy to keep straight, and the other one hasn't eaten at our house. But they are all old enough to tell me what they can't have and will even read the ingredients if they think I missed something - LOL. And as for rice - DH reads a lot of science articles and news articles and his recommendation on rice is don't eat rice from the south (it's grown sometimes on old cotton fields where the ground has a lot of pesticide) or from China for the same reason. California rice (in his opinion from what he read and researched) is best. And as for not having time to make baby food we normally do the same as a pp and just take some of what we made (potatoes, fruit, etc) and then process it further into baby food. I'll be glad when T is a little older so we can get back to making more of our own food. So far I've only made zucchini bread and pasta sauce with stuff from the garden. Well and our one laying big hen gives us eggs sometimes.

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