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June 18th, 2014, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by disneydiva76 View Post
Ty everyone! It's nice to have an outlet. Of other moms that understand and don't put you down for feeling different.

We don't qualify for assistance bc hubby works. One of those it looks good on paper but it's not what he takes home. I asked my mom if she will create a Fb online event baby shower and see if anyone helps us.
Hubby can take time off of problem. The only thing is we don't have family here since we just moved from CA to NC. And our moms make every excuse why they can't fly out when initially they both were planning on it. We have 3 other kids so with no help he's left to stay home with them when I give birth
Oh are not alone. We all are here to support you. And as far as other support goes, i m pretty much in similar situation except for money part (i have my own savings for baby and hubby earns good). But i have no friends who can be with me during labor, i have just 2 good friends who are working mothers with several commitments, my husband is so moody that i feel my pregnancy hormones are giving more tantrum effect to him than me, and he doesnt want my mom to come over. My inlaws and sis-in-laws are the most nasty creatures on earth...they tried so hard to ask my husband to get abortion and divorce me. They are so much worried about health of their 3 dogs than showing any concern about my health or baby's wellbeing...though its their first grand child from their only son. All this might sound terrible along with my cholestasis or pregnancy, gestational diabetes, developing pre-eclampsia, severe breathlessness due to anemia and thalssem....heart rate remaining 100-120/minute etc etc....

But i keep myself strong and positive, trying to do all prep work that i can, going for shopping alone and use electric cart as i cant walk much due to breathlessness (my husband doesnt let me buy baby stuff if i take him along, so i go alone)....but i tell myself every day "JUST FEW MORE WEEKS AND I WILL BE A MOM TO A SUPERCUTE BOY"

Stay positive dear....cheers !!!
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