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June 18th, 2014, 11:32 AM
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Ultrasounds can be that soon?? I should be 5wks-ish. (if my calculations are correct).

I really had no idea how he would react. I just flat out told him in person, kept it simple. My shock is how great he took the news! All smiles and we stared into space for quite a long time together (I loved not having processed this either) and being able to mutually go through the realizations and reactions together. I didn't want to wait longer than a day of finding out because I didn't want to reach any reactions before him.

Yes yes telling in person, you have to know your person quite well. The reaction he gave me I think is what every woman dreams to get just a big huge smile with beaming eyes. Now of course many decisions are to be made which hopefully we are on the same page about.

Thanks everyone!!
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