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June 18th, 2014, 12:14 PM
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So after multiple phone calls and a whole lot of stress, I finally found a spot in a subsidized daycare and got all my paperwork sorted out. Thank goodness!

I had to start paying for his daycare this week, even though I'm not back at work until July 7th, so I've decided to use the opportunity to transition him little by little. He did a couple of hours on Monday, up until lunchtime yesterday, and today he stayed all the way until lunchtime. He's been doing really well so far. He didn't cry the first 2 days, having so much fun exploring and playing with the new toys, but this morning he was clinging to me a lot because I think he finally figured out that whenever we go there, I leave. They said that he did really well after I left, although he needs to have an adult sitting beside him most of the time or else he starts to cry. He's always been like that even at home, so I'm not surprised. The daycare workers seem really super and all the other babies (all of them a few months older than him!) seem really keen on playing with him. I think he will be happy there once he starts adjusting. I am so glad things worked out in the end.
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