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June 18th, 2014, 01:03 PM
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I just had a csection 3 weeks ago for my second LO. My first baby was a vaginal delivery and it was hell. Lots of tearing, no control over my bladder for months after, tons of pain, horrid recovery. The csection I just had was a breeze!

I was told the night before that I was having it so yeah I was completely freaking out. I even crept into my daughters room and snuggled her the whole night just in case something went wrong when I went in. The dr even gave me ativan and it didnt do much. I was terrified.

The actual csection was a breeze, my milk came in the next day even though they said it would take longer than a vag birth, I never took anything stronger than tylenol ever, and I was up and showering about 12 hours after the surgery.

By day 6 I was completely off the tylenol and here at 3 weeks I feel like nothing happened. I will absolutely choose a csection for any future babies.....the recovery was so much easier! Good luck and Ill be thinking about you on the 20th!

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