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June 23rd, 2014, 08:30 PM
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Originally Posted by jking86 View Post
This is my first pregnancy and it was unplanned. me and the father have been together 6 months. I was really excited in the beginning but as each day goes on I am realizing the financial struggle is not going to get any easier. I have recently been contemplating... the alternative. I am so personally against it though. I just get really REALLY scared that I will not be able to provide for this child like I want or need to. I started coming to this message board for support and advice, and I would love yours. Thank you.
This is my first pregnancy and is also unplanned. I live in South Carolina but I'm sure there's help in the place you live! I've already gotten on Medicaid, have WIC and applied for food stamps. I also work as well, so I feel like I deserve the help I can get. My fiance works too, but we just moved into our second apartment so we weren't expecting this. Look up ways the state can help you raise your baby! You're not in this alone!!
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